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Get cash for surveys is supposedly one of the top rated survey sites on the internet today. But is it true that you can really get paid $200 to $300 a day. Based off of my personal experience I’ve never seen or heard of anyone making any serious money by doing surveys.

As you know my personal story may be quite a bit different than what others have experienced in the online marketing world. I’ve personally been online for over 5 years and spent most of that time jumping from product to product trying to find this so called SECRET to making money on the internet.

I heard alot about get cash for surveys as well as many other survey sites but if it was something that was so easy to do wouldn’t everybody be quitting their day jobs to make at least $200 a day but just doing surveys. It’s a no brainer right?

Unfortunately I found that these overnight riches just flat out don’t exist. It takes consistency and dedication in any endeavor to succeed. Get cash for surveys isn’t something I would personally be doing to make money on the internet. With my experience I can sort of hand hold you and show you exactly what works and what doesn’t work.

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