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Major Update on Fort Ad Pays FAP

1. On August 2, they will put on sale a new adpack which cost will be :

$10 and will provide 50 ad credits,
Total return: 130%
Giving 1% daily as max, all goes to cash balance. 130 days
5000 ad packs is the maximum that we’ll be able to have.

2. Old Ad Packs & Balances:

On Monday August 1st , the programmers will automatically purchase old ad packs with whatever amount is on Your cash & Repurchase balance. This automatic process will NOT generate any affiliate commissions.

On August 2nd, these old ad packs will NOT be sold anymore, this way, we’ll have to use the generated revenue share income from the old packs to purchase New Ad Packs of $10.

Estimated daily revenue share for the old pack will be between 0.2% and 0.8 %. 600 to 150 days

Your ad packs will share in revenue up to $1.2 per ad pack. The revenue share will be credited into your Repurchase balance.

3. Adding Funds/withdrawals:

Bitcoin : Adding Funds + Withdrawals
Advanced Cash: Adding Funds + Withdrawals as long as they have funds available in that processor

Payza: Only withdrawals .As long as they have funds in their payza account.

Withdrawal Limits
Min $10
Max $500 per day From Monday to Friday

Why Bitcoin? Because Fort Ad Pays sees it as the future of payment, it is obviously easier to transfer and add funds through and from bitcoin. It is also an easy way for them to exchange bitcoins to other processors such as Payza, Neteller, Advanced Cash, Xapo etc…

4. Bitcoin Limited Offer:

Whenever You add a minimum of $500 funds through bitcoin between august 1st and
August 15th , You will get 8% on Top of your money into your F.A.P account . To get the extra 8% You will need to send a support ticket.

5. Internal Transfer of Funds:

This option has been disabled

6. Referral Commissions:

As of August 2nd , the Fort Ad Pays referral commissions will be paid as follow
1st Level : 5%
2nd to 10th Level: 1%
Totaling 14% over 10 Levels
All commissions will be credited on our Cash balance (starting from August 2nd)

Please comment below with your questions.

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Thank you for watching.

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There are wayyyyy too many redflags for anyone to join this company or spend any amount of energy towards it.

If you want to do your own research you can find out a paper trail with the corporate business registration.

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