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Hello, My Name is Jevon and Thanks for stopping by and watching my video about work from home scams. In this video I will go over a few things to look out for and The difference between a Program that offers a digital product and one that has no products. Scams are real my friends and you must protect yourself but also don’t be afraid to take a risk. So if you haven’t watched the video above please do so now because I go over all this in the video. And please watch the Video all the way through cause if you are looking for a real work from home Opportunity that you can earn 100% commissions then I talk about just that towards the end of the video. Thanks again for watching.

Work From Home Scams! Things You Should Know!

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John Matarese tells how to avoid work from home scams. Watch for these red flags: “As seen on” ads, jobs that require you to pay for training, computers or books, or companies that send you a check and tell you to cash it and wire the money back.

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This week Shelley and John discuss a work from home scam that targeted both business and consumers across North America


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