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PayPro is a decentralised financial market that will host dApps for people to buy financial products. PayPro takes the existing banking model and flip it on it’s head. As they are decentralised the fees associated with any products will be very low. It’s important to remember as the network scales so too will the fees. This could be a good token for a short term gain.

If you want to join the ICO sign up for their whitelist at

Remember you will need to have some Ethereum ($ETH) in order to exchange it for their $PYP token.

Start by signing up for a free CoinSpot account to obtain some $ETH with your AUD –

If you have any questions just drop a comment below.

Sign Up For a CoinSpot Account:

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Mathieu Volker van PayPro presenteert over Affiliate Marketing Tips @ Internet Marketing Summit @ Maarssen (maart 2012)



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Visit to start avoiding bank’s hidden fees.

Nowadays, when companies make payments in a different currency, the banks charge commissions hidden in the exchange rate that normally amount to 3.5% of the value of transactions above 10,000 EUR. In other words, for every 20,000 EUR exchanged, the bank makes 700 EUR.

The PayPro is an online tool designed around the particular needs of professionals, micro and small businesses to make payments in 35 currencies, avoiding the banks’ hidden charges.

a) Savings: costs up to 10 times lower in comparison with banks.

b) Security: The PayPro is (is going to be) a company authorized by the British Financial Conduct Authority as a Payment Institution.

c) Adapted to the company’s needs: The PayPro has been designed around the particular needs of small business, with the possibility of designing tailor-made solutions.

d) Efficiency: businesses no longer need to have a Director of Finance in order to benefit from the same solutions as those that big businesses benefit from.

If you are interested on using The PayPro, go to

This video is about Ads Pay Pro , another revenue sharing site that will give you shared earnings.