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Click Intensity Review | What Is It?

The Purpose of Click Intensity is Simple.

-To Help You Make More Money Online By Doing Simple Tasks.
-To Help You Get High Quality Targeted Traffic To Your Websites.
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The TRUTH About Click Intensity – Nick Johnson The Fake CEO – Review Scam? HIRED ACTOR!

THEY SHUT MY ACCOUNT DOWN, stole all my earnings, stole all my advertising credits, did not deliver ont he advertising and STOLE ALL MY PENDING WITHDRAWALS.

At this point, based on those FACTS, in my opinion CLICK INTENSITY IS A SCAM

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I join click intensity in prelaunch. From the beginning I had my skeptic doubts about the owner and its corporate infrastructure. However after talking with Ankur Agarwal he convinced me all is well.

So for 8 months I compounded and repurchased everything I made back into Ci with the high hopes it was gonna be the billion dollar company they talked trash like it was gonna be.

I NEVER MADE A SINGLE DIME from click intensity. I built a free marketing system for the promotion of the program, I offered free membership and training to my team. I provided everything possible to help my team succeed. Sadly everything I put into click intensity has gone in vain.

Am I stupid for putting 100% of every penny I earned from Ci back into more adpacks? NO, because I havnt touched a single penny of my teams money. They can all be assured that, if they lost, I lost too! This video is here to expose the FAKE profile and FAKE tendencys of the company. Is it a scam? I wont say that. Not my job to say that publicly as they are still paying. Check with your sponsor on whether its a scam or not.

There are wayyyyy too many redflags for anyone to join this company or spend any amount of energy towards it.

If you want to do your own research you can find out a paper trail with the corporate business registration.

Coiin Crypto LTD
Click Intensity LTD

And there are more company names that lead back to 2014. NO WHERE on these business documents is NICK JOHNSON any part of the company.

“nick johnson” has posted claims the company had its payza and advcash accounts ffrozen, but has posted ZERO proof of this.

“nick johnson” has also said they were hacked for $10 million, which I think is complete bullshit. Again no proof provided.

I have said since the begining. Nick Johnson is an hired paid actor.

This will be the last and only video I will post about click intensity. I wipe my hands clean of this shit. And hope anyone else does as well. Want to know what I am currently promoting. Feel free to inbox me on facebook.



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• User have to Registration with a 3 way process (Subscription Code, User verification, Simple registration)
• User can check live feeds for all Frontline OR Team.
• Show data per Day, week, Month, or year of Registration, Commission and Sales.
• User can add data per chat on Application with potential clients with Reminder , Audio related to next talk, etc
• User can Add other prospects (potential clients).
• Would receive notification, Resources like PDF, Videos, etc.
• For Chat we have used, Layer SDK

Click Intensity has been put into the “Revshare” industry in 27th of march 2016. However, it is more than a simple RevShare. It contains many more features than the other RevShare sites do. Click Intensity offers you such earning and advertising opportunities as follows:

Sharing social media posts.
Watching videos.
Simple online tasks.
Clicking ads daily.
And many more…

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The site itself generates income from these features. Therefore, it is safer than other Ponzi-Schemes, masking under the name of “RevShare”.

With so many innovative features for the RevShare industry, we believe that Click Intensity is a very good pick. It is one of the best ways to make money online nowadays.

Besides, we really like that the administration of Click Intensity has hired a woman named Tara Mish as their “Head of Communications” – and she makes videos about Click Intensity, updating the members in their Facebook Group.

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