Click Intensity IS A SCAM in my Opinion! – Nick Johnson The Fake CEO – Review Scam?

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The TRUTH About Click Intensity – Nick Johnson The Fake CEO – Review Scam? HIRED ACTOR!

THEY SHUT MY ACCOUNT DOWN, stole all my earnings, stole all my advertising credits, did not deliver ont he advertising and STOLE ALL MY PENDING WITHDRAWALS.

At this point, based on those FACTS, in my opinion CLICK INTENSITY IS A SCAM

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I join click intensity in prelaunch. From the beginning I had my skeptic doubts about the owner and its corporate infrastructure. However after talking with Ankur Agarwal he convinced me all is well.

So for 8 months I compounded and repurchased everything I made back into Ci with the high hopes it was gonna be the billion dollar company they talked trash like it was gonna be.

I NEVER MADE A SINGLE DIME from click intensity. I built a free marketing system for the promotion of the program, I offered free membership and training to my team. I provided everything possible to help my team succeed. Sadly everything I put into click intensity has gone in vain.

Am I stupid for putting 100% of every penny I earned from Ci back into more adpacks? NO, because I havnt touched a single penny of my teams money. They can all be assured that, if they lost, I lost too! This video is here to expose the FAKE profile and FAKE tendencys of the company. Is it a scam? I wont say that. Not my job to say that publicly as they are still paying. Check with your sponsor on whether its a scam or not.

There are wayyyyy too many redflags for anyone to join this company or spend any amount of energy towards it.

If you want to do your own research you can find out a paper trail with the corporate business registration.

Coiin Crypto LTD
Click Intensity LTD

And there are more company names that lead back to 2014. NO WHERE on these business documents is NICK JOHNSON any part of the company.

“nick johnson” has posted claims the company had its payza and advcash accounts ffrozen, but has posted ZERO proof of this.

“nick johnson” has also said they were hacked for $10 million, which I think is complete bullshit. Again no proof provided.

I have said since the begining. Nick Johnson is an hired paid actor.

This will be the last and only video I will post about click intensity. I wipe my hands clean of this shit. And hope anyone else does as well. Want to know what I am currently promoting. Feel free to inbox me on facebook.



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Troy Rudd says:

Sounds like the same method of operation behind Coinomia…. same cast of characters.

Troy Rudd says:

Thanks for the info! I see "Nick Johnson" is launching a new "AdsCash"…. run from it as well.

Denis Timin says:

????? ?????? ??? ???? ??????

Steven Jones says:

Ankur Agarwal is a BIG FRAUD. He lures people to join his MLM business
by making promises of helping them with leads and Get Rich quick ponzi
schemes. He has a team of programmers who make Mobile applications,
websites and other software by which they capture leads of innocent
people who want to try to make some money. Ankur poses as so called
Expert and then after showing them training videos, sends them his
affiliate mlm link. After several complaints from his downline, Ankur is
not bothered a bit and continues to Fool people with new business and
thus building his wealth. Kindly share this with all your friend list in
youtube so people know this FRAUD/SCAM and don't fall in his trap as he
must be waiting to pitch his business to another innocent person.

Amanda Wray says:

They took my money too

Sunny Neemitt says:

Hello, please email me @ for business advise sir. Thank

genelle says:

I seen your post on facebook, WTf they deleted your account. scammers

Gateway Financial says:

@nick Intelligent people can read between the lines. He said…CLICK INTENSITY TOOK HS MONEY. Hopefully this information saves more people like me from being separated with their hard earned cash. Thanks Gene!

Nikos Panagiotounis says:


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