Legit Work At Home Jobs!!!!

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I just wanted to share these legit work at home jobs with you all. Hope it helps someone who is looking for work at home jobs. 1) www.newcorp.com (also email…


keisha hamilton says:

Are there any new? legit work at home jobs you into now?

blacksheep91125 says:

Are you still with the company? Does the company? still work for you?

firefly3914 says:

Cool Awesome video!?

zome0101 says:


Brian Young says:

she fine?

Carter Lamere says:

Awesome Video!,
Very informative, i know more people who are actually leaning towards work? from home Jobs now, because of the flexibility & how convienance.
Again, Thanks for the information.

reginasadventures says:

You can either work with them under your own incorporated business,or you can work under an independent business owner already incorporated and working with Arise. They can get you a list of IBOs to? choose from. Hope this is helpful.

Babou Adam says:

Hi Lisa Renee,
I looked into some information? about Arise, and I was unsure if it was necessary to create a corp before you can work with them. Can you please provide me with more information about that?

StandardAI says:

gr8? info

OceanJackson40 says:

Good information………..?

KnowYourRules says:

I had my mom look at this youtube message and she went to liveops and got hired in 3 days. I truly love you for? making this video. You are helping sooooooooooo many people

Twinkie2210 says:

Nice of you to share, so sweet of you!

ladyred2771 says:

They have several different schedules so you just look through? them and pick the one that works best for you. You are welcome. Thanks for watching :-)

Kinkycurlycoil says:

what hours did you work? or was there a set schedule?? thanks in advance

sweetsavedmami says:

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this info. I am checking out the different websites you listed and hope one of? them will work for me. God Bless!

AquariusQueen100 says:

Great Information Keep up the good? work!

Lisa Renee says:

I looked into work at home companies and I applied for NewCorp and Arise.com at the same? time and since I could make more money with Arise I went went them. I stayed with Arise for 3 years and now I am going to try NewCorp. but anyone interested in a legit at home Arise.com is another one.

Crystal Pemberton-Vecchione says:

Great Job! Thank you for sharing! I have an informal applicant information session with NEW tomorrow. Keeping my fingers? crossed!

ladyj71107 says:

Thanks? for the info, just got hired! Bless you!

K Luv says:

Hi. I was watching your video. I have been on a hunt for years for legitimate WAH jobs. I recently gained custody? of my disabled sister and lost my job right after because I couldnt get her into daycare, and even now its a struggle with her in care because at any moment I may have to pick her up and with her doctor appts. makes it hard to find flex job. So are yous till with the company?

ladyred2771 says:

I’m? currently just taking classes.

RaShaun Brown says:

U iz Extra Sexy

stasie potts says:

Im a stay home mom what? are you doing now??

ladyred2771 says:

I am not? with anyone at this time and yes I enjoyed working with Newcorp. :-)

ladyred2771 says:

Because of my son. I couldn’t find a schedule that would allow me to work and? not have my son making noise in the back ground. :-)

tattoolover100 says:

why is that, if you dont? mind me asking?


go to? easy-money-profit

Naturallyaktaasmoma says:

Are you with anothet SAH Job company now? And did you like working with? Newcorps?

ladyred2771 says:

I am no? longer with the company!! :-)

anitdnahS says:

Hey how is the job coming? along?

stonesteven90 says:

you could also try this program. It? worked pretty well for me. Didnt make me rich but at least I can pay a few bills: vzturl . com / dc33

Christopher Cadore says:


connorbed83 says:

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MsSatavia says:

thanks…good? looking out

LastVoice1 says:

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trafficbrokerfalco says:

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lashani19982 says:

i applied at convergys work at home they are ligit …….i make 9$/hr traing is 10 weeks……Hiring process is easy if your organized……. you do your interview over the phone………. you’ll do a confrence call? and live meeting and tech support will help you set your comp up……. they also have how to pamplet just incase you didnt understand it the first time……they have direct deposit …..so far so good with the company……

ladyred2771 says:

Unfortunately ? I don’t know of any companies in California but if I should come across any information I will let you know. Thanks for watching.

MrBookiekiller says:

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MrsBooker100 says:

Do you know any legit company that? will hire in California. None of these companies will hire in California!

Andrea BkNy says:

new website, information on how to get started, register for? advice and ongoing support. Don’t fall for the scam work at home jobs, this is REAL way to make money and its also FREE.


Thanks for the information. I just do not do well with testing. If I had a good trainer, or you to help me, I think I should be fine. Did you say that I will be tested? How long have you been working for New Corp? How long in the process to start working? How long did it take for you to catch on? Thanks for? responding so quickly.

ladyred2771 says:

I think with your experience that you wouldn’t have any problems working for New Corp. The testing is basically to see what you have learned or need to? work on. Your team leader will help you out a lot. Just go to their website and go from there, it is a very simple process. Hope this helps. Thanks for watching.


Since you started working for New Corps, how do you like it? Do you have to take any test? I think that would be my hardest delay. I had experience 5 years ago in customer service, but if I’m trained right, I think I would be a good fit. Can you please email me, and tell me how you got? in. Thanks

Serenity Hamus says:

IS this where sales are very important? and if you can not do it you get fired? Convergys does the same thing and you can train at home

BlackSapphire8804 says:

Anyone looking? to make extra cash. I’ve? Finally found legit home based work… drop me an email if your interested. You must go through a little test in order to qualify but it’s pretty simple.

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